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Transas World Chart Folio & Nautic Software Products

Year Month Number of issue Remarks
2017 September WF77 Current Issue

The DVD includes both WF77 and NSP31 NSP31_WF77_DVD.part1.exe [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part2.rar [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part3.rar [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part4.rar [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part5.rar [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part6.rar [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part7.rar [429 Mb],
NSP31_WF77_DVD.part8.rar [329 Mb]

Transas TX-97 Charts update file
for Chart Catalogue program
May WF76
March WF75
2016 December WF74
September WF73
May WF72
February WF71
2015 December WF70
September WF69
May WF68
February WF67
2014 December WF66
September WF65
May WF64
February WF63
2013 December WF62
September WF61
May WF60
March WF59 WF59 and NSP31 - new means for chart data protection is implemented. Chart collection is released on one DVD. Leisure WF CD distribution is stopped.
The DVD includes both WF59 and NSP31.  
NSP31 OS Windows 8 is supported
Navigator_SWProducts_NSP31.iso [154 Mb]
2012 December  WF58
September WF57  
May WF56  
February WF55  
2011 November WF54  
October NSP30 NSP30.iso [152.6 Mb]  
September WF53  
June WF52
March WF51  
2010 December WF50 Navigator_WCF50_MainCollection_CD1.iso [618 Mb],
Navigator_WCF50_MainCollection_CD2.iso [400 Mb],
Navigator_WCF50_AuxiliaryCollection.iso [252 Mb]

Transas TX-97 Charts update file
for Chart Catalogue program
September WF49  
June WF48  
April WF47  
January NSP29 OS Windows 7 is supported
2009 December WF46  
September WF45
July WF44  
April WF43  
2008 December WF42  
September WF41  
June NSP28  
June WF40  
March WF39  
2007 December WF38  
September WF37
July WF36
NSP27: Main features of this Issue - Microsoft Windows Vista OS is supported
April WF35
2006 December WF34  
September WF33
June WF32
April WF31
2005 December WF30  
August WF29
Only On-Line issues.
New Chart Catalogue was issued
July WF28  
March WF27 Due to huge number of charts, chart collection was divided onto 3 CDs:
 – Main CD1
 – Main CD2
 – Auxiliary
2004 December WF26
September WF25  
June WF24  
April WF23
2003 December WF22 Chart collection was divided onto 2 CDs:
 – Main
 – Auxiliary
November WF21
Leisure products are combined on one CD, separately from chart CD
June WF20
March WF19
2002 December WF18
September WF17
June WF16
March WF15
2001 December WF14
New leisure product on a separate CD
August WF13  
June WF12  
March WF11  
2000 December WF10  
August WF9  
May WF8  
March WF7  
1999 November WF6  
August WF5  
June WF4  
March WF3  
1998 November WF2  
August WF1  


WF - Transas World Chart Folio CD
TSN - Tsunamis Software CD 
NSP - Nautic Sofware Products CD