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FAQ on Transas Navigator series

Can a Mac PC install and run Transas NaviGator?

Transas NaviGator can be installed and run on a Mac PC. Though you need to have a Mac PC with specifications as follows: 10 gig hard drive, 256 RAM running at 400 mhz. Along with the specifications, you need to have certain programs on the PC. The programs required are Virtual PC Version 4 and Windows 2000 Professional.

When I connect GPS to my computer, the mouse seems to shoot around all over the screen.

The system thinks the GPS is a serial mouse. You will have to do the following to change the settings.

  • Turn off the GPS
  • Start the PC
  • Open My Computer
  • Select View System Information
  • Open Hardware Page
  • Select Device Manager
  • Select and open Mice and other pointer devices
  • Find Microsoft Serial Ball Point and select Properties by mouse right-click
  • Select Do Not Use This Device and push OK
  • Restart the PC

I am having trouble finding the dongle on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 / 6100 under Windows XP.

Launch C:\Program Files\Rainbow Technologies\Sentinel System Driver\SetupSysDriver.exe
Hit "Configure Driver" and make sure you see a physical address and port type for the parallel port.
Uninstall the Sentinel System Driver through Add\Remove Programs.
Reboot and hold down the ESC key while tapping the F1 button.
Find the parallel port mode settings and enable it.
Exit BIOS and re-install Sentinel System Driver.

What PC and software specifications do I need to run NaviGator?

Operating Systems: Windows 98 SE, 2000 (SP2), NT and XP.
PC Specification: Pentium 300 MHz processor or better
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or better
64mb RAM or better
Minimum of 700mb HDD storage.

Can I interface instruments that use Seatalk?

You will need to purchase an interface box from Raytheon Marine. This enables you to switch between NMEA 0183, RS232 and Seatalk protocols.

How do I connect my instruments to the computer?

You connect the instruments to the computer via 9 Pin serial port connector. You use the following pins for the wires in the connector:

  • Pin 2 - NMEA / Position In
  • Pin 3 - NMEA / Position Out
  • Pin 5 - Ground.

Can I send and receive waypoints in NaviGator?

You have the ability to send waypoints to GPS, but you cannot receive them from the GPS. You set it up in Configuration\Sensors\Manual and select the COM port the GPS is connected to.

How do I decide which charts are best for me?

Making a decision on the charts is easy. The Chart Catalogue has been designed as a very user-friendly and handy tool for that. Split into countries and even down to chart by chart. Users who know the sailing area thus could find it in the catalogue and decide whether they would like to obtain the detailed charts or more planning charts.

Can I overlay radar onto NaviGator?

You are unable to overlay radar onto NaviGator. However, NaviGator does have the capability for ARPA radar.

Can I connect a Navtex receiver to the software?

Navtex receivers can be connected to NaviGator. Again they need to have the following pin connections:

  • Pin 2 - NMEA / Position In
  • Pin 3 - NMEA / Position Out
  • Pin 5 - Ground.

Once it is connected and messages are being received and they have a Lat and Long, they will be displayed on the chart for you to click on and view the message.

I was given some codes for the charts I purchased, where should I enter them?

The permit codes are entered either in the chart catalogue or by going to Configuration\Install User Permits. There you select For Product or For Charts, then follow the onscreen instructions.

I have just purchased a new computer, but there is no parallel printer port, what do I do with my current dongle?

If your computer has only USB ports, you could exchange your current dongle for a USB only at a reasonable cost.

I only have USB ports on my computer, how can I connect my instruments to the computer?

This is becoming more of a common problem, because a lot of computers are now coming out with just USB connections. The way around is either to purchase USB to Serial port converter, or contact the product manufacturer to see if they have USB connection for the instrument.

How do I power my computer while onboard?

To get power to the computer onboard you could use an inverter that converts the power from 12v to 240v. Alternatively you could apply a car kit, which plugs into a cigarette lighter and gives out 12v of power. These are available from computer stores.

My dongle is not being recognized when I install NaviGator.

First make sure the dongle is connected properly. Then run the dongle checker that is on the CD. Run Explorer and find the folder called Tdchk. This will examine the dongle and also inform you if other drivers need to be installed from the CD to get the dongle working. If the dongle is not recognized, you need to download the latest dongle drivers from the Transas Download Web page. Once downloaded and installed, they contribute to solving the problem. If the dongle is still not being recognized, please contact your local Transas dealer.

Does the weather information display on the NaviGator charts?

The weather information is displayed directly over the Transas charts, so that you can see the detailed chart information with weather details flowing over the charts.

I am unable to display weather information on my charts.

First check Weather Forecast Manager to see if a forecast has been selected to view. If not, select the forecast that you wish to view. When a forecast is selected, check Environment data, parameters should be selected to view as well.

I have installed NaviGator but my charts are not showing.

Ensure that the Charts database has been uploaded correctly to the computer. Otherwise it will require the re-installation.

The Lat and Long are not being displayed from my GPS.

Ensure that the GPS is set up correctly. It should be set to NMEA/NMEA and with a baud rate of 4800. If this is correct, check if the Primary Position is set to PS1 in System Setup.