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FAQ on Tsunamis 99 series

Can a Mac PC install and run Tsunamis 99?

Tsunamis 99 can be installed and run on a Mac PC. But you will need to have a Mac PC with similar specifications as follows: 10 gig hard drive, 256 RAM running at 400 mhz. Along with the specifications, you will need to have certain program on the PC. The programs required are Virtual PC Version 4 and Windows 2000 Professional.

Having installed Tsunamis 99, I cannot view my charts?

Ensure that the Charts database has been loaded correctly. I get the error message 'file OLEAUT32.DLL is out of date' when trying to install Tsunamis 99? Uninstall Tsunamis 99. Delete the file OLEAUT32.DLL and re-install Tsunamis 99.

I cannot get my GPS to come through?

Ensure that the Primary Position is set to PS1 is System Setup.

How do I output to an external device?

In System Setup Sensors tab, go to Manual config and set the necessary ports for WP in/out, Autopilot, etc. Load Tsunamis 99 and use the Route facility to input and output route data. Use the CONFIG display facility to display different navigational information relating to your newly connected instrument.

Can I copy my user information from older Tsunamis software?

You can copy the files from the Add_Info folder to Tsunamis'99\Add_Info. The information that is to be copied over will have the extension .cra.

Can I interface my Autohelm that uses Seatalk navigational aids?

You will need to purchase an interface box from Raytheon Marine. This enables you to switch between NMEA 0183, RS232 and Seatalk protocols.

How do I use the bucket facility to produce a list of wanted charts?

What you need to do is go to the Chart manager, select the required chart by Country or Chart by Chart. Click add to bucket and save to bucket when all charts have been selected. Double click on the required List file in the Tsunamis 99 directory.

Can I copy my charts folder directly to my hard drive and load charts from there?

You can copy the Charts directory to your hard drive. The folder is large so you must remember to make sure there is enough space on your hard drive before doing this. Also remember to point to this folder when you install the charts.

Can I choose between a ship symbol and concentric circles?

If you go to Program Files\Transas\Tsunamis 99\NM. Find the field labeled IsDrawBoat. Change it to Off for the circles.

What do the different colors indicate on the Ships Symbol?

Red - No Position data
Brown - DR Mode
Green - Position Fix DGPS
Blue - Position Fix GPS

I get no SOG and COG displayed.

Tsunamis can only display process speed data in True Mode. Therefore ensure GPS is set to output COG / SOG in True to solve this problem.

What datum do the charts in Tsunamis come as and is it possible to change them?

All Transas charts are set to WGS-84 offset. You cannot change this offset with Tsunamis 99. However you can offset the position of the Ship (Offshore only) if the need arises.

I cannot install my charts

The first thing to do is check for the correct path to the CD ROM with the charts. It should read something like D:\Charts (D should be substituted for your CD ROM drive's letter).
If this is correct, then after entering the chart permit codes select Next. Select Browse when asked for 'Path to charts'. Double click on CD ROM drive, Double click on charts, Double click on Set-up id. From the next screen click finish. This will start to install the charts.

I have a dongle attached but am not receiving details of my dongle number on the permit entry screen

Re-install Tsunamis 99. If there is no result, try the dongle on another computer. Then make sure the parallel port mode is set to Standard in Bios and there are no conflicts (System\Device Manager) for this port. If there is no success then you may need to download the latest drivers for the dongle from Transas Website Support page. Once downloaded and install and still no success then please contact your nearest Transas dealer.

How can I obtain a lead that interfaces my NMEA output to my PC?

You can either contact the product manufacturer to find out if they produce a lead, or a local chandlery able to sell\produce a lead.

My GPS is locked onto Dead Reckoning.

A position fix is not being transferred from the GPS to the chart plotter. Check for NMEA data using Hyperterminal. If there is no data, check the cabling. If the data is correct, check Tsunamis configuration (System Setup\Sensors\Manual). If the data is correct again, make sure PS1 is set to the correct COM Port.

My GPS is giving a good output, but when I look at my charts, the vessel is in the wrong position.

Make sure the GPS datum is set to WGS-84. Check if the correct position is showing on the screen. If it isn't, go to SHIP\Cancel Offset.

I can’t get my GPS to come through.

Remove other software associated with the GPS's COM port and re-assign any conflicting hardware (Control Panel\System\Device Manager\Properties\Resources). This problem does occur with Toshiba laptops. What you need to do is de-activate the Hotlink software.

What pins do I connect my GPS output to?

The pins to connect to are as follows:

  • Pin 2 - NMEA / Position In
  • Pin 3 - NMEA / Position Out
  • Pin 5 - Ground

How do I delete unwanted Logbook files?

Go to Windows Explorer\Program Files\Tsunamis 99\Track, where you can delete the files ending in LBK that you no longer require.

My GPS input is using the RMC sentence, but I cannot get a continuous fix

You need to make sure that NMEA Checksum (System Setup\Sensors\Manual) is checked. Then you need to change the GPS settings to give GLL or GGA output.

How do I delete unwanted routes?

Go to C:\Program Files\Transas\Tsunamis 99\Routes, where all the routes are saved. Delete those that are no longer required.

When I move the mouse, I lose the GPS input and get Position dropped message. Same happens when "+" and "-" keys are pressed.

This problem is solved when Free Mouse Cursor is switched off. You may also want to check for any conflicts. Is there another device using the same IRQ? If no, try changing the Input and Output range of the GPS COM port.